How is Trust Created ?

Trust is the cornerstone of fair functioning markets.

In regulated environments, trust is created by the systems and processes that support market activity;

  • Clear rules governing participant behaviour (Conduct)

  • Standardised reporting of performance (Transparency)

  • Independent monitoring & oversight of market operations (Integrity)

  • Measures & controls for known parameters (Standards)

  • Sanctions for non-conformance (accountability)


The Trusted Token Offering Framework

The SignalX, Trusted Token Offering (TTO) Framework has been conceived with investor protection and
project success as mutually inclusive goals.


The SignalX TTO Framework will be used to evolve the SignalX platform over time as the community and sector matures.


The Brooklyn Project

The SignalX Trust Framework implements key elements of the recently published ConsenSys Brooklyn Project (, a community based open source initiative that defines a Consumer Token Framework and specifies best practice principles for ICOs and token economics to address the sector issues.