How does SignalX work?

SignalX is a community ICO utility that releases investor funds
once milestones are achieved.

1. project claims

Pre-ICO projects create a TTO smart contract on with T&C’s that will be validated by the independent assurers.

The TTO smart contract includes, KYC/AML of all parties, treasury management, vesting founder tokens and project milestones.


  • Investor funds are escrowed with SignalX until milestones are independently verified by accredited assurers.

  • Founder tokens are escrowed by SignalX until the smart contract vesting schedule is met.

  • Funds released once… (met etc.)

3. independent Accredited Assurers

Independent Accredited Assurers validate projects achieve their milestones as per the TTO smart contract.

100% consensus is required at each milestone.

4. Resolution

If assurer consensus is not achieved, the TTO contract initiates a countdown window to allow projects to rectify issues raised.


If the resolution window closes without resolution the TTO contract returns the remaining escrowed funds to project token holders, thus protecting investors from irrecoverable funds.